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New: Novation PEAK/SUMMIT Presets (128)

Hi there!

I'm excited to launch a preset library for the Novation PEAK&SUMMIT.
It's huge and versatile and programmed with a lot of love and attention.

You can download a taster with free presets to get a small impression. 
Read more about it here.


PEAK has easily become one of my favourite hybrid synthesizers, it has a very nice contemporary character and shares the best of both digital and analog. It’s just as good in mono as it is in poly mode and this makes it versatile and forms a strong creative allrounder. PEAK fills a nice gap between all the analog violence and classic FM/PCM synthesizers in my studio and it stands on itself. It has been really inspiring to program these sounds and learn what it is capable of. You get 128 patches with modulation attached and 10 custom wavetables (based on some classic analog synths) and my Microwave! 

What is in it?

-128 presets for Novation PEAK/SUMMIT, all categorised. 

BASS(12) / POLY(27) / PAD(10) / MOTION & RHYTHM(20) / BELL(5) / ARP(11) / KEY(10) / SFX(23) / DRUM(11)

-10 custom wavetables
 (these must be uploaded for the corresponding patches)

A little patch trailer is under construction and should be added soon.



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