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New Conforce Soundset for the JV1080/2080 XV/XP

After a long time of programming, I can proudly present a new soundset with 128 deep sophisticated presets for the Roland JV1080/2080 XV, XP's

The Cloud VST library file will be added in a couple of days, it's being created as we speak. For now it's only the SYX file. Buyers of the SYX will also get the  compatible Cloud VST file when it's converted.


The Bioluminescence phenomena formed the basis of inspiration when crafting this lush, deep and sophisticated soundset. You sign up for a nautical sound exploration into harsh oceanic conditions. Are you ready to take the Challenger Deep for a dive to the continental-shelf? Destination: the Mariana Trench, below the photic zone you'll explore a dark abyss inhabited by luminescent lifeforms. Conditions are harsh, the pressure is high and threats from scavengers are omnipresent. The only light emissions will come from deep sea organisms. Can you withstand the cold temperatures and high pressure? Plan your aquatic journey carefully and avoid a nitrogen narcosis. I hope we meet again at the surface.

The Bioluminescence Soundset is now available for everyone who wants to make productions with these sounds. These are currently my go to sounds on the JV, programmed for personal artistic use in the first place.

Thanks for your interest.


Check it out here

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