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About the Novation PEAK/SUMMIT presets

PEAK has easily become one of my favourite hybrid synthesizers, it has a very nice contemporary character and shares the best of both digital and analog.

PEAK fills a nice gap between all the analog violence and classic FM/PCM synthesizers in my studio and it stands on itself. It has been really inspiring to program these sounds and learn what it is capable of. I tried to look for the boundaries and explore the expressive character without leaning on classic sound references only. This synth breathes techno and sounds like Waldorf Blofeld on steroids..

The Cliffhanger Volume 1 presets are great from a musical perspective for different electronic genres but they will also appeal to those who like things trippy and experimental. I think this preset pack is nailing pretty much all the sweet spots of the Novation PEAK and SUMMIT according to my audio standards.

Don’t look further and revitalise your PEAK with fresh patches, it’s the set you want to get! I wish you happy music making.

Whats in the Novation PEAK preset pack?

-128 presets for Novation PEAK/SUMMIT, all categorised. 

BASS(12) / POLY(27) / PAD(10) / MOTION & RHYTHM(20) / BELL(5) / ARP(11) / KEY(10) / SFX(23) / DRUM(11)

-10 custom wavetables
 (these must be uploaded for the corresponding patches)

Get a taster with 7 free presets here:


All in all PEAK is a sound design monster, it excels on many levels for wavetable chords, evolving pads, ambient sounds, modulated effects, trippy movements, organic bell sounds, haunting drones etc. When it comes to the more bread and butter sounds, PEAK also adds a fresh spark of character to bass, keys, and arp’s. There is too much to mention here and especially if you start adding user waves like I did for this preset library, things become even more inspiring. What helps is the impressive filter quality, this is really adding a lot to the overall sound character. Equally impressive for a digital synth are the envelope speeds, these can be fast as lightning. As a result I have also been able to design a wide variety of pleasing drum sounds on the PEAK. This is rare on a digital synthesizer, at least from my experiences. All in all it sounds quite mature.

Important notes

• Make sure that you have the latest firmware version on your synthesizer and the latest components software

• These are native patches and they only work with the Novation PEAK and SUMMIT

• This is not an official product by the Novation brand, it's a custom made preset pack

• This is a preset expansion, not a sample pack

• I am in no way affiliated with any company referred to on this site. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company names used in this website are for identification purposes only.

• Please do not share this sound bank on forums. An insane amount of time went into programming and organising this library and programming the demo tracks. The amount of money asked for this product is very little compared to the working hours so please be so kind to buy my sound banks and support any future ones. It motivates me highly!

•This is a digital product and there will not be any refunding 

Transfer instructions

>> Patches

These patches are stored a SYSEX file and can be transferred via Components (browser or app) or SYSEX Librarian.

Refer to the Novation instructions on how to transfer a sound bank to your PEAK or SUMMIT, it’s really easy.

All my patches start with the CFC tag so you know if the presets loaded correctly.

Download the full patch list here:

>> Custom wavetables

This preset library comes with 10 custom wavetable files, you must upload them to the PEAK or SUMMIT in order to get the best out of a big part of the presets.

Use the components software to overwrite all 10 user slots with the included waveforms, do this in the exact same order as the wavetables are organised (1-10).

I have carefully re-created some classic synthesizer waveforms to build a big part of the presets, it’s essential that you have this harmonic information in the patches!

You can of course change the waveforms to your taste but please start with the included wavetables. Be sure to make a backup of your own wavetables via the Components software.

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128 contemporary presets for Novation PEAK or SUMMIT including BASS(12) / POLY(27) / PAD(10) / MOTION & RHYTHM(20) / BELL(5) / ARP(11) / KEY(10) / SFX(23) / DRUM(11)

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Novation PEAK & SUMMIT Presets | Conforce

0 ratings
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