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Roland JV1080/2080: Interstellar Soundset (VST & Fantom compatible)

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**This is now Cloud VST compatible and also works on the Roland Fantom series (2022)!

Hardware wise it is compatible with all Roland JV models (JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, XV-88, XV-2020, XV-3080, XV-5050, XV-5080)

Download a taster for both the VST and Hardware version with 5 presets:



First I got a JD800 but also curiously bought a cheap second hand JV1080 from eBay without the expansions. Hearing the standard patches made me cry instantly.. I thought at first this was just a boring preset machine but later started programming my own sounds with an old editor that often didn’t work on my mac. The architecture is almost similar to the JD800 but without the controls and it holds a bit more high fi effects, the waveforms are uncompressed though on the JD800. I found that the JV has a very warm and lush character and makes the most beautiful strings, pads and ethereal airy ambient sounds one could wish for. It is a no brainer really if you can find them second hand for less than 200 bucks.. 

The standard presets are obviously not made for sound designers or techno producers but just for keyboardists and hobbyists who need lifeless acoustic interpretations. It frustrated me that I always had to dig deep and long to get proper sounds so I decided to change that. The JV has now become my go to machine for pads and strings and it was about time someone would make an upgraded sound library for this century (2020 here we are).


Days and days of programming passed by. It took a lot of motivation before I was finally satisfied with 128 presets that are presented in this soundbank. I made this as a dedication to this lovely machine that is just one of the best romplers out there. Anything airy or ambient and ethereal just sounds phenomenal from this rack unit. The sounds are widely usable.

The idea was to revitalise the sounds and make them perhaps a bit more contemporary and lush. The soundbank shows to me that this piece of technology from the past is still standing out for specific types of sounds. Options in software are great but the character of these waveforms and internal processing is something truly unique. This soundbank doesn’t aim to emulate anything! No analog bullshit emulations or vintage esque interpretations.. Just the JV in full force! Ambient stuff.

The amazing thing is that this preset library only uses internal waveforms (no expansion needed) and it is compatible with most JV models like the 2080 and XV’s etc.

All patches are crafted with love and attention and the title says it all, this soundbank is perfect for movie space and underwater stuff or anything lush or atmospheric. 

What do you get?

128 presets including:

- Spacious Pads

- Ethereal/airy Pads

- Aquatic Pads

- Organic bell sounds

- Evolving textures

- Modulating Effects

Important notes:

• This is not a sample kit

• This soundbank is compatible with all Roland JV models (JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, XV-88, XV-2020, XV-3080, XV-5050, XV-5080)

• You don’t need any expansion kits or rom/ram cards for this soundbank, it only uses the internal waveforms from the internal A & B slots.

• These patches are stored in one native Sysex file that the Roland JV series can understand. The file is small, but all patches are in there. It’s recommended that you use Sysex or a similar alike program to transfer the soundbank/patches to your JV synthesizer. Just set the correct speeds for transferring. Patches will be placed in the user bank.

• This is not an official Roland product, it’s a custom artist soundbank. Logo and brandnames are only used for reference. 


This sound bank is programmed with much love and care. Therefore I would kindly ask you to use this sound bank strictly for your personal use and not spread this for free on the web or amongst all your JV1080 friends. 

Most sounds were written over a timespan of years and later organised for you to use and a lot of time went into this.

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** Hardware & Roland Cloud VST compatible ** NO EXPANSION CARD NEEDED** Missing lush, organic evolving sounds in your JV1080/2080?? This is the way to go. You get 128 presets including Pads, Textures, Evolving Soundscapes and Effects


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Roland JV1080/2080: Interstellar Soundset (VST & Fantom compatible)

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