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Elektron Analog Four, Dark Synthesis Presets | Conforce

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Hi there!

Techno and electro producer Boris Bunnik delves deep into his synths and he has been a keen Analog 4/Four user since the early days of it’s release. As Conforce he’s known for his deep sophisticated and crispy techno, with Versalife he’s known for more sci-fi vintage melancholic electro. He decided to share a part of his Analog Four presets in this brand new soundpack. His Dark Synthesis soundbank focusses on the darker spectrum of techno melancholy inspired from industrial cities. Whether you want to go Detroit, Rotterdam or Berlin techno this soundbank is for you. Are you missing some chords, shimmering pads, bass? Interstellar bleeps, or haunting gnarly drones? Dive deeper into the Dark Synthesis soundbank and get the vibes rolling. All patches are crafted with love and attention. All killer! No filler and no bullshit patches!

Please watch/listen the attached demos in the showreel for a small impression of the sounds, these are all made with patches from this particular library. The Analog Four is a unique synth and very musical instrument but needs tweaking! With this sound set I tried to get the best out of the Analog 4/Keys and share it with you for a fair price.

Get a taster with 5 awesome patches! 


What do you get:

This preset library contains a variety of 140 patches:

-Pads/fat leads (+-35)

-Chords/Keys (+-40)

-Deep Bass (+-45)

-Weird Effects (+-20)

Important notes:

• This is not a sample kit

• These are native patches and they ONLY work on the Analog Four/Keys mk1&2. The Analog 4/Keys engine is unique, so no other machine is compatible with these patches.

• These patches are stored in one native Sysex file that the Analog 4/Keys can understand. The file is small, but all patches are in there.

• For Poly patches, be sure to set your Analog Four in “POLY” mode with all voices activated on one channel and set allocation to “RESET or ROTATION”. (shift+poly to enter this) this page.

•Use the C6 software app by Elektron to transfer the patches. Connect the Analog Four via USB to your computer and open C6. Go into the system menu/ Sysex Dump on the Analog Four/Keys. SYSEX RECEIVE -> DRIVE SOUND -> Select the bank where you want to write the patches.

Refer to the Analog Four/Keys manual if you're unsure of how to go about. This Sound Pack was designed for Analog Four Keys. It is compatible with Analog Four MK1&II but be advised that there may be slight differences in sound.

• I am in no way affiliated with any company referred to on this site. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company names used in this website are for identification purposes only.

• Reselling of the patches or soundbank is not allowed, copyright by Conforce.

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This preset library contains a variety of 140 patches crafted with love and attention -Pads/leads (+-30) -Chords/Keys (+-40) -Bass (+-45) -Effects (+-20)

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Elektron Analog Four, Dark Synthesis Presets | Conforce

3 ratings
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