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Analog Rytm: Ultimate Conforce Expansion (Presets & Samples)

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Analog Rytm (MK I & II), where to start..

Thanks for your consideration of buying this Conforce expansion for the Elektron Analog Rytm. I've been the happy owner of a Rytm since many years and use it quite often in my productions. The AR became a mature instrument with the addition of extra engine's, especially the VCO option and additional kick engines. Generally the sound of this machine pretty modern, metallic, industrial and saturated. The AR is a great performance instrument and also a very intuitive starting point for experimental, grooves and sketches. It's more than a drummachine, it's a hybrid instrument.

My AR travelled all over the world with me from Tokyo to LA and did a great job during live-sets, if I had some free time in a hotel lobby or airport lounge I would spend time making my own sounds. After a huge demand by my sounddesign fanbase I finally made the decision to produce a huge coherent expansion library. The set contains 170 presets (engine based), 127 samples, 25 kits and 25 demo patterns for everyone who likes to re-boost their Analog Rytm with new energy. Hopefully this sparks your creativity! 

Download a little taster to get in the mood:

Whats in the Ultimate Analog Rytm Expansion?

*170 presets that are categorised and tagged correctly as #Synths, #Kicks, #FX, #Toms, #Glitch, #HiHats etc

*127 samples including kicks, hi hats, claps, snares, toms, fm sounds and many more percussion sounds that were created with the Analog Rytm engines. You can use these sounds in any other sampler if you want.

*1 project file (with a full selection of sounds in the sound pool)

*25 pre-created drum kits, the first 16 kits are synth engine based and the other 9 are sample based kits. The 16 patterns in bank A are all based on the synthetic engine presets, the 9 patterns in bank B are all sample based patterns & kits.

*25 demo patterns (meant for demonstration purpose only)

Why this big expansion pack for the Analog Rytm?

Somehow I could never bond with the basic drums and found them rather dull, it also depends on the engines as some are amazing and a few are almost useless (sorry Elektron). I do not compare the AR with any other drummachine, because it's not a drummachine solely.. The challenge was also to make even great sounds on the engines that I considered to be unexpressive, with the right use of the filter, speedy lfo rates and drive you can get different results. The dual VCO sound is the most solid (def worth 6 years of waiting and approx 20 updates since AR came out as a kind of beta product). I made a big part of the sounds with this engine. The AR is also a kick monster and combined with some drive it blows my walls down (eq is a must). The character of the entire expansion is rather crunchy, mechanical, metallic and punchy. Things have a modern character with bite and sizzle and of course that typical rubbery Rytm sound.

Extra 127 Rytm engine samples

As a free bonus I have added a full sample bank with 127 (max sample slots per project) drums and various sounds that were recorded with AR’s engines. Why these extra samples? Because it adds the flexibility of using some of the kick and bass engine sounds on other tracks, as these presets are limited to 4 pads.. So you have a bit more flexibility. Note that these samples are also slightly different from the presets for maximum sound AR versatility. 

Creative advice 

My favourite feature on the AR is the sound pool, a unique approach to use of presets and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using it for step variations and surprising results. No other device that I use has this ability and because the coolest sounds come mostly from the first 4 engines it's a welcome feature to get the maximum out of this preset pack. The workflow of the AR is fast, lightning fast especially with this feature.

Important notes

• Make sure that you have the latest version of Transfer and the latest Rytm OS update installed!

• These are native patches and they only work with the Rytm MK I & MK II, they are made on the MK I and you should take into account that there are nuance differences between the sound of the MK I and MK II. 

• This is not an official product by the Elektron brand, it's a custom made sound pack.

• These patches are stored in one SYSEX file and single patches that the Rytm MK I & MK II can read and receive via the Transfer software or in case of SYSEX (a sysex librarian). There is one project file that needs to be transferred to the Rytm via Elektron's Transfer software. Read everything on the Elektron website or attached document.

• This is a preset expansion and a sample expansion in one, you need to transfer the samples via Transfer, the project file contains the samples and should write them. There is a folder that you can drag manually to the AR main sample folder in case this doesn't work!

• I am in no way affiliated with any company referred to on this site. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company names used in this website are for identification purposes only.

• Please do not share this sound bank with all your friends. An insane amount of time went into programming and organising this library and programming the demo tracks. The amount of money asked for this product is very little compared to the working hours so please be so kind to buy my sound banks and support any future ones. It motivates me highly!

•This is a digital product and there will not be any refunding 

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170 Synth & Drum Presets, 127 Samples, 25 Kits, 25 demo patterns and 1 Project with a full sound pool.

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Analog Rytm: Ultimate Conforce Expansion (Presets & Samples)

8 ratings
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