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Here is the follow-up on my JD-990 soundset that was programmed using the internal waveforms only. This new soundset is mostly based on the Vintage Expansion Card waveforms for a more challenging and diverse sound array. 
It's a great diverse set of patches that doesn't necessarily focus on vintage sounds, there are some thick bass sounds in there that could be qualified as vintage but the overal character of the presets is contemporary, lush, silk, a bit experimental, sound design-ish. 

You can of course buy this library if you don't have the expansion and change the waveforms to the internal JD-990 waveforms for happy accidents and crazy surprising results, it's easy. Overall the waveforms of the expansion match the internal ones but have slight harmonic nuance differences.

Whats in there?

64 custom designed presets including:

-Lush Ethereal Esoteric Pads, Deep Subs, Chords, Organic Bells,  Textures, Crispy Sound Effects, Some Vintage Tones and Experimental Drones

Important notes

• This is not a sample kit

• You need the Vintage Expansion Card

• These patches are stored in one native Sysex file that the Roland JV series can understand. The file is small, but all patches are in there. It’s recommended that you use Sysex or a similar alike program to transfer the soundbank to your JVD synthesizer. Just set the correct speeds (slower not the the maximum speed) for transferring. 

• This is not an official Roland product, it’s a custom artist soundbank. Logo and brandnames are only used for reference.

• This soundbank is compatible with the Roland JD-990, not with the JD-800


This sound bank is programmed with much love and care. Therefore I would kindly ask you to use this sound bank strictly for your personal use and not spread this for free on the web or amongst all your friends. Programming is a time consuming thing, organising patches as well and so is the making of a patch trailer…

It is not allowed to resell these patches, please be so creative to also make your own presets.

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64 custom programmed presets for the JD-990 based mostly on the Vintage Expansion waveforms

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Roland JD-990 Vintage Expansion Presets | Conforce

0 ratings
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